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Hello, my name is İlyas. My pronouns are he/him. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in German language and literature, political science, and sociology, and my master's degree is in "Mediation of Literature in the Media". I spend my free time playing piano as well as reading, playing video games and watching series. I am looking forward to future and common projects and hope that I can be a good advisor with my expertise.


• Ableism and saneism
• Transhostility
• Bi- and Panhostility and homohostility
• Fathostility
• Anti-Muslim racism

“Ableist and saneist language is completely normalized in our everyday lives. This starts with the fact that disability and neurodivergence are associated with deviance. In the media, villains are often portrayed with disabilities. Or people refer to fascists as "mentally disturbed" rather than as power holders of a problematic system. With a DisCheck consultation, this kind of representation could be avoided. A positive representation of disability and neurodivergence could be established that also moves beyond the typical inspiration exploitation and other stereotypes. And that represents disability not only with white cis people, but also with queer Black people, indigenous people, and people of color, for example.
Language and representation are also important tools in trans hostility. Often, trans being is shown from a cis perspective and the trans person's life is portrayed as problematic or miserable. Using positively marked characters in movies and books, for example, creates a representation that is important for trans children and youth. It shows them that they are just as much a part of society as other people."

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