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Here you will find answers to our frequently asked questions.

How do you manage intersectional consultation when an assignment covers multiple topics of expertise?

It is important to us to review each assignment in the most intersectional and discrimination-sensitive way possible. That's why we've developed a few strategies in the team to help us do this:


We always make sure that assignments are processed by the person who has expertise in one or more of the areas of focus for which the assignment is to be reviewed.

We have an internal DisCheck Guide. There, all team members share indispensable information about their respective expertise. This way, when reviewing your project, other team members can learn about other -isms and thus take an intersectional look at your assignment.

If an assignment is very complex, sometimes multiple members, with different expertise, work in cooperation. Together, then, they cover a broader spectrum.

Upon former agreement, we also do an internal or external DisCheck consultation if we need advice on specific questions. Of course, this only happens if we have your explicit permission.

Can I still have my media content reviewed after it has been published?

Of course you can! For example, you want us to check your Instagram account? Especially older posts to uncover white spots*? Or, for us to do an analysis of your latest book, so you know what you could pay more attention to in your next one? That's what we're here for!

Do I have to implement all the suggestions and advice given during the review?

Absolutely not! At the end of the day, it's your project. We can "only" provide support in an advisory capacity, by identifying problems, white spots and to offer you a different perspective on your project. If and how many of our suggestions you implement later, is entirely up to you. Therefore, we would like to point out once again that it might happen that a project that has been checked by DisCheck contains problematic content. We are not responsible for how the project is implemented.

Is it possible to cancel an assignment?

Of course! You always have the option to cancel your order with our cancellation policy. However, a fee will be charged if the team member has already started processing it. The fee amount is calculated based on the amount of work that the responsible team member has already spent.

Note: If you cancel your order less than 48 hours before the deadline, we will have to charge you the full price.

Who are DisCheck Consultants?

DisCheck consultants are external experts who support us in a project when needed. They help us if we require an expertise for a project which is not covered within  our core team. All consultants go through the same application process as team members and are bound by the same rules. Since transparency and your privacy is very important to us, DisCheck consultants are only hired with your consent.

How can I support DisCheck?

You can support us by making your work colleagues your friends, family, etc. aware of us! Anything that helps us be seen supports us tremendously!

If you have already taken advantage of DisCheck's support, you can also help us by filling out our review form and giving us credits for our involvement in your project.

How can I properly credit DisCheck?

We value your privacy! Therefore, we would never reveal details about your project and/or our involvement in it without your consent. However, if you want to help us become visible and credit our work, feel free to use our logo (available on request) and/or draw attention to our Instagram account and website. Of course we are also happy about personalized credits!

Can I become a part of DisCheck?

Definitely! We are always happy to hear new perspectives and expertise in the field of anti-discrimination that enrich DisCheck, our work and our clients. We are currently looking for people who are interested in becoming DisCheck consultants. Check out our application guide for more information.

How does a DisCheck assignment work?

It's very easy. After you have sent us an inquiry, you will receive an email from us. There we discuss the price, deadline and assignment details such as the main topics and off we go. A member of the organization distributes the assignment in the team, where one or multiple team members then work on your project.

You still have questions? You can contact us here.

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