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     Creative Lab                  3.0

The Creative Lab #3 is designed, coordinated and carried out by five team members of our collective on behalf of the Federal Competence Center for Cultural and Creative Industries (Kompetenzzentrum Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft des Bundes). Under the name Special Edition, we dedicate our work towards creative people in Germany who are negatively affected by racism as part of the Creative Lab. The focus is on making creative Bi_PoC in Germany visible. Within the Creative Lab we would like to draw attention to the racist conditions in the German cultural and creative industries and work out how Bi_PoC can be promoted.

Creative Lab #3: Special Edition

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The Makers

Lee (they/them), Cila (they/them), Seggen (she/her), David (he/him) and Ilyas (he/him) of the anti-discrimination collective DisCheck form Creative Lab #3 *SPECIAL EDITION*. We highlight the situation of Bi_PoC in the cultural and creative industries as people who are negatively affected by racism ourselves. Our goal: A Creative Lab by Bi_PoC for Bi_PoC

The Program


An anthology (a collection of selected literary texts) on the subject of "Bi_PoC in the cultural and creative industries" is being created within the Creative Lab. For the anthology, a public call for papers was used to search for literary contributions from the Bi_PoC community within the cultural and creative industries. Everyone working in the German cultural and creative industries as founders of companies, self-employed or otherwise creative and negatively affected by racism could submit contributions. The perspectives of people who suffer multiple forms of discrimination are particularly important to us. We want to present as many unique perspectives as possible. Interwoven experiences of discrimination such as racism and, for example, transhostility and ableism are important to us. We didn't limit our contributions to experiences with white-dominated places, but also center on experiences with fellow Bi_PoC.

The anthology will be created from all submissions at the beginning of 2023. It is primarily intended to serve as a platform to give racialized, multiply marginalized and underrepresented people a voice, a place to acknowledge and share their life experiences.

Forums & Workshops

The Creative Lab #3 would like to offer resources and opportunities for networking, further education and mutual inspiration for Bi_PoC in the cultural and creative industries. To this end, we initiated a multi-part series of events for creative Bi_PoC. The aim was to bring together people from different sectors, generations and identities within the cultural and creative industries and in particular to spread the voices of those who experience multiple forms of marginalization.

Poster des Creative Lab 3.0 Empowerment Day
Poster des Creative Lab Workshop "racialised faces in white creative spaces" Panel #2
Ausschreibung auf Instagram für Kreativtexte von kreativschaffenden Bi_PoC.
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