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Become a part of the team

Are you interested in joining DisCheck?

Find out everything you need to know here.

We are looking forward to your application!

Become a DisCheck Team Member!

Become part of our team.

  • Work with a great team on exciting assignments

  • Provide your expertise and perspectives and work with us on a more discrimination-sensitive media landscape and internal (corporate) structures

  • Receive appropriate compensation for your work

  • Choose which assignments you would like to work on

Become DisCheck Consultant!

If you want to become part of DisCheck, but either can't imagine becoming a permanent team member or simply don't have the capacity at the moment, become a DisCheck consultant!

  • Offer your expertise and perspectives as a DisCheck consultant to DisCheck members.  Even beyond anti-discrimination (e.g., as a media expert, illustrator, etc.), you can also become a DisCheck consultant.

  • Allowances and credits are of course included.


Interested? Then send us your application and add that you would like to become a DisCheck consultant.  

This must be in your application:

  • Your name

  • your pronouns

  • Your expertise and perspectives

  • A short text to you

    • Above all, we are interested in you as a person! You are welcome to state your previous professional and academic achievements, but above all we would be happy to find out what you enjoy, what interests you and who you are as a person

  • A picture of you

  • Contact options and, if applicable, social media that you want to share

  • Why you want to join DisCheck

  • Whether you want to become a team member or a consultant

Application Requirements

At least one expertise and/or perspective resulting from your own marginalization. This means that you cannot have expertise and/or perspective on forms of discrimination that you have not been negatively affected by yourself.


Basic knowledge of various fields (including different types of racisms, gender-sensitive language, body norming, intersectionality, etc.).


Interest in working in a team.


You want to actively shape DisCheck and get involved.


We all make mistakes, reproduce discrimination, and yet have to learn. We all need to critically question, unlearn and change our socialization as well as our ways of acting and thinking. We don't expect impossible perfection, but that you are open to learning new things, educating yourself about discrimination, listening to others and to be active in exchanging ideas within the team.  


Academic qualifications are not necessary. Anti-discrimination does not work in conjunction with classism. We value your personal experiences, character, and perspectives more than your academic record.


If there is cooperation interest in both sides, the organization team will get in contact with you to have a get-to-know-you interview. But don't worry! The interview is rather an opportunity to get to know each other better, to clarify open questions and uncertainties and to break the ice. 

What you can expect

The full fee goes to you. You work freelance on behalf of DisCheck. Only an administration fee goes to the organization member who manages the assignment (costs are paid by the client).


How many assignments and which assignments you take on is entirely up to you.


Every last Tuesday of the month at 20:00 we have a casual team meeting about Zoom. One meeting per quarter is mandatory.


We have a shared information folder. You'll find all the information you need there. But don't worry, an organization member will be with you at the beginning to answer all your questions!


Assignments are distributed according to who has time and desire, as well as whose expertise best fits the assignment requirements.


Individual assignments and group assignments are possible.


You share basic knowledge of your expertise and/or perspectives in our internal DisCheck Guide. This, among other things, ensures that all assignments can be reviewed intersectionally. In addition, we have an interest glossary with many important terms written by us, with each team member contributing according to their experience expertise.


An appreciative, friendly team full of great people, spread all over Germany (and beyond!).


An anonymous critique form and an internal awareness person, because discrimination sensitivity, consideration, and inclusion are important to us internally as well!

Do you still have questions? You can contact us here.

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