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(no pronouns, ey/em, they/them)

Team member

Hi, I am Cila (no pronouns, they/them, ey/em). I'm a Black & Indigenous multidisciplinary artist, healer, storyteller, activist & facilitator. My work speaks of different worlds and is simultaneously rooted in our current reality. I am deeply interested in facilitating structures where people feel welcome to get involved. Building narratives that bring us closer to the world we want to create and starting conversations that draw connections between the struggles we are facing and the future we want to build. I am Queer, Trans non-binary and neuro-atypical. I enjoy making music, reading and puzzles.


• Anti-fatness
• Nonviolent and Inclusive Language
• Neurodiversity
• Ableism and Accessibility
• (De)Colonialism
• Binary Gender Construct
• Sexism and Transhostility
• Afro-Brazilian religions
• Social Justice
• Classism and Migration
• Environmental Justice and Sustainability
• Anti-indigenous and Anti- Black Racism (from a Diaspora Perspective)

“The way people write and speak are constantly evolving, and we must grow alongside. Sensitive communication is essential, but accessibility and inclusivity can't be just words. I can't think of a better way to start learning how to fight discrimination than listening to the voices of the people who have been affected by it. That's why collectives such as DisCheck are crucial to support people in making language and spaces more inclusive to those often unseen, underrepresented and marginalized.”

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