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Organizational team member

Hi. I'm David Kwaku (he/him) a freelance musician, teacher, writer, and lecturer. In all areas I put a big focus on anti-racism and empowerment. I am a father of two and live in Hannover. In my free time, I like to cook and eat, surround myself with people I love and would often like to be in all places of the world at the same time!


• Anti-black racism
• Colonialism and (post)colonial continuities
• Decolonization of music, media and education
• (Applied) ethnomusicology
• Empowerment
• Adultism
• Classism

“DisCheck is important so that people outside the white normative majority society also feel represented in the media. Because this is where (cultural) participation starts - a key to reducing power imbalances and the levels of discrimination that come with them.”

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