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Team member

Hey, I am Emily (they/she)! I study law in Hannover and am particularly interested in criminal law and civil rights. Besides that I love plants, dancing and theatre.


• Hybrid identity, especially as Russian-Germans
• Anti-slavism or anti-slavic othering
• Damaging family structures and intergenerational trauma as a result of migration
• Borderline personality disorder and depression
• Saneism
• Bihostility / queerhostility
• Sexism and objectification of people who are socially forced into the category of "female"
• Empowerment
• Intersectionality
• Classism

“I think DisCheck is important because it offers a platform for people whose voices are often overlooked in our society and, on the other hand, helps people and companies who want to listen to and consider these very people. With contact points like DisCheck, no one can claim a lack of information and willingness to provide services regarding issues of discrimination sensitivity.”

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