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Hiya, I am Mona. A choreographer, performer, artist and curator. I grew up as a German-Chilean daughter of color in a white, middle class family and after and since the media exposure of New Year's Eve in Cologne I have been intensively studying different forms of discrimination and their intersections. I like to learn new things. Right now I'm looking into South American feminism and the links to Germany. I like to put digital media aside and am happy when I can walk through different nature.


• Sexism • Intersektional discriminationsensitivity in theater and art
• Hybrid Identities
• Migrantization
• Exotification of south american read bodies • Basic sensitization

"DisCheck is important because our society is a discriminating society. That's why it needs the support of the experts, as for any other field, in order to develop further as a whole society and to learn (constantly)."

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