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Team member

I am Elli (she/her), a Black transracially adopted woman of color, and I am a political science student at university. Last year I found my passion in being an antiracism activist for transracial adoptions and interracial families. Whenever I am not studying or advocating for Bi_PoC and transracial adoptees you’ll find me designing houses, puzzling or probably with a friend on the phone. My favorite animals are zebras and my true love is cake.


    • Transracial adoptions
    • Interracial families and the sensibilization of white family members
    • (Critical) whiteness
    • Anti-black racism
    • Colorism and featurism (especially within black communities)
    • Hatred/discrimination/racial/ sexist stigmatization of black women (misogynoir)
    • General anxiety disorder (GAD), depression, (complex) posttraumatic stress disorder ((C)PTSD)
    • Saneism

“I think DisCheck is important because it widens the horizon of our predominantly white, cis-and heternormative, non-disabled and patriarchal society. The work of the team members doesn’t only teach those who seek DisCheck’s help to do better but also makes marginalized, discriminated groups and their realities more visible.”

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