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My name is Lena Dirscherl, my pronouns are she/xier/they and I work freelance in illustration and comics.
I'm very much into queer and intersectional feminism, anti-racism and body positivity. On Instagram my name is BoPoLena (=Body Positive Lena) and every week I post a free illustration about body positivity. For the near future I plan to connect this even more with queer topics, as this is still very underrepresented in the BoPo community and there is a lot to say about it. In my illustration work I pay a lot of attention to diversity and try to sensitize my customers in this direction. My hobbies include playing video games, Dungeon & Dragons, reading comics, and cooking ☺️


    • Queerhostility
    • Bi-hostility & panhostility
    • Transhostility
    • Cis-hetero normativity
    • Binary normativity, respectively the gender binary construct
    • Gendersensitive language

"DisCheck is important because our media does not reflect social reality! Groups that do not belong to the established norm of the majority society are either forgotten or misrepresented and stereotyped. This not only harms the people negatively affected, but also deprives our society of the opportunity for new perspectives and positive developments. We want a breath of fresh air instead of outdated crusts!"

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