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Hi! My name is Leonie, my pronouns are she/her and I eat lots of ice cream, enjoy dancing and love languages to an extent that I would learn them all at once if I could. I'm a mixed kid from a South Asian/white family and am currently working as a freelance translator and linguist. At university I studied to become a teacher - you guessed it - for languages and have been teaching at different schools for the past few years. In addition to functional, non-discriminatory communication, I care a lot about the mental health of intersectionally marginalised people and the destigmatization of illnesses and their symptoms. I'm excited about future projects and working with the DisCheck team!


    • Anti-Asian racism as it relates to South and Southeast Asia
    • Exoticization and identity of Bi_PoC kids in white environments
    • Ageism against young people in South Asia
    • Intersectionality and discrimination in teaching & schools
    • Anti-discriminatory language
    • Translation & linguistic support in German, English & Spanish
    • Depression, anxiety, PTSD, hypersensitivity & intergenerational trauma

“I believe DisCheck is important and a tremendous asset because it allows interested people to maneuver the world as sensitively to discrimination as possible. The variety of experts and expertises facilitates comprehension, detection and considerate treatment of individual forms of discrimination as well as their intersectionalities.”

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