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Hello! I am Maria (she/her) and I was born and raised in Curitiba, Brazil, but I am also a Rheinländer by heart. Living as a migrant of color in Germany has not only sharpened my intercultural skills, but has brought me my critical coming of age. This, along with the passion for reading, curiosity and permanent appetite for information led me to the postcolonial life and academics. I love to cook and eat, critical essays on YouTube and reality TV - because we all need a bit of relaxation and balance. I could pet all the fluffy animals in the world and it still wouldn't be enough.
I stand for intersectionality and work hard to decolonize myself over and over again so that I can position myself better in the world.


    • Sexism
    • Past and present colonial practices, Eurocentrism
    Postcolonialism and decolonization
    • Postcolonial Renaissance
    • Hybrid Identities
    • Exotizacion and identity erasure of Bi_PoC Kids in white environments
    • Latinidad
    • Fathostility
    • Literary and Cultural Studies
    • Linguistic Bias, language discrimination
    • Variety of Language Use
    • Intersectional Feminism
    • Migrant Experiences
    • Chronic Depression

“The modern world could only get to its current state because of exploitation. This exploitation can still be seen and felt today, where Bi_PoC (Black people, indigenous people, and people of color) continue to be marginalized. DisCheck is important because society as a whole desperately needs to change and this starts with addressing and removing systematically shaped internalized racist and supremacist attitudes respectively."

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