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Hey! I'm Marius (he/him) and I write romance novels for young adults. Besides entertainment, it's important to me to include content like Mental Health, racism or LGBTQIAP+ topics to create visibility for them and make more people aware. In general, I'm quite a nerd - not only when it comes to books, but also when it comes to movies and series. I like to listen to cheesy dramatic music, appreciate deep conversations and time with my favorite people.


    • Transhostility
    • Bihostility
    • Panhostility
    • Queerhostility
    • Cis-heteronormativity
    • Depression
    • Social anxiety disorder
    • Racism experiences as a PoC

“DisCheck is important because we humans are diverse and therefore our media must also become more diverse to reflect this reality. In doing so, however, a sensitive approach to content and figures is unavoidable.”

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